Architectural Concepts

U.S. Builders founder Cyrus Von Westfalen, adds his knowledge and experience as a certified architect (in Germany) and incorporates a wealth of design ideas inspired in European new and classic trends into every work to make it upscale and unique without braking your bank account.

U.S. Builders will be with you in every step of the process

U.S. Builders is with you in every step of the process

The company offers Architectural Concepts in regards to:


•  Design of the architectural style and details of the project

•  Plans for space use, lighting, home or office sound systems

•  Customized solutions for special needs like home office, in-law suites, seniors, clients with disabilities

•  The right balance between cost and design

Communication is U.S. Builders’ best tool to meet client’s expectations through every stage of the process. Architectural Concepts can be provided before or during the development of your construction projects. We work in Washington DC and Northern Virginia.