Meet Cyrus

Cyrus Graf Von WestfalenCyrus Graf Von Westfalen is the founder of U.S. Builders. Cyrus earned his Architecture certification in Germany and developed his love for architecture, design and aesthetics even further with a Study of Art at the Institute of Art in Florence, Italy. The years he spent in Europe clearly influence his taste in design and re-design of spaces.

Cyrus has over 30 years of experience and and his customers describe him as “an expert in his field, creative, dependable, a person of high integrity”. The fact that most of his customers contact him for different projects over time is a testament of his great  customer service and reliability.

Whether you have a project in mind or need help delineating your remodeling ideas, he is the right person to help you make informed decisions that reflect your style and taste. Contact Cyrus directly to make the first move to transform your place into a dream space!